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Guide to Magazine Advertising

The magazine printing priciples applies same to that of newspaper but there are some differences on how they are published and the contents. The magazine unlike newspapers are published mainly weekly or monthly, and also Magazines are usually weekly or monthly publications instead of daily, advertising messages are more image -oriented and less price-oriented, the quality of the pictures and paper are superior to newsprint, advertisements in magazines involve color more often. Since the quality of the magazines are superior, the advertising that you generate must be superior as well. Magazines tend to focus on a particular subject matter or cater to the interests of a particular market or demographic area, and may be business-to-business or business-to-consumer.

The decision to pursue magazine advertising should not be made without carefully analyzing the costs and benefits. However, if you do decide to advertise your product in a magazine, spend the extra money to hire a professional for the design work. Nothing is more disappointing than spending big bucks to place an ad in a magazine only to have it fail because it didn’t catch the reader’s eye. Professionals have the technology and the know-how to get your point across in a way that is eye-catching and effective. it’s a good idea to see which businesses that are targeting the same audience as you advertise in each magazine on a consistent basis.

Consumers value magazine advertising, reading it almost as much as the editorial itself. The ads are accepted as an essential part of the magazine mix. Although most magazines are national in nature, many have regional advertising sections that allow your business to look like it purchased a national ad when it only went to a cetain geographical area. This can be especially useful if your product or service is regional in nature as well and could not benefit from the magazine’s complete readership.

There are two categories of magazines: trade magazines and consumer magazines. Trade magazines are publications that go to certain types of businesses, services and industries. Consumer magazines are generally the kind you find on the average news stand. Investigate which type would do your business the most good. Magazines adverts are not immediate, they take more planning. Often, an ad for a monthly magazine must be prepared at least a month in advance of publication, so ads detailing prices and items have to be carefully crafted to insure accuracy.

Magazines are often browsed through for months after publication. So your ad might have an audience for up to six months after its initial insertion. Moreover, readers spend more time per sitting with a magazine than a newspaper, so there’s more chance they will run across your ad. Considering the cost of placing an advert in a magazine, it might be a discouraging factor but you can save money if you know in advance how many times you want your ad to appear in a given magazine. The more ads you place, the less expensive each ad will be.