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Guide to Newspaper for Advertising

“Reading” a newspaper can mean different things depending on the frame of reference. Consumers typically describe the behavior as investing some time paging through the paper and reading items of interest in a usage occasion demarcated by a remembered period of time, location and occasion. Standard readership indicators typically undercount other usage occasions that are briefer but still of measurable value to the consumer and to advertisers. Almost every home receives a newspaper, either by newsstand or home delivery. Reading the newspaper is a habit for most families. Thus, there is always something for everybody; sports, comics, crosswords, news, classifieds, etc. You can reach certain types of people by placing your ad in different sections of the paper. People expect advertising in the newspaper as well.

Before you rule out newspaper advertising, you need to take a closer look at your target market. Define your market and determine your total advertising budget for the advertisement, you will need to decide how much will be allocated to newspaper advertising specifically. Some advertisers spend a lot, others spend a little. Newspapers can reach consumers in local communities as well as on a national scale. The nature of your product or service as well as the size of your advertising budget should help you select the appropriate markets. Maybe you run in two markets, maybe you run in 20. As long as your target audience resides within the markets you select and reads the corresponding newspapers, you should have no problem increasing awareness.

Newspaper advertising can be convenient because production changes can be made quickly, if necessary, and you can often insert a new advertisement on short notice. And also, newspapers offer a large variety of ad sizes. Even though you may not have a lot of money in your budget , you can still place a series of small ads, without making a sacrifice.

While you may not be the creative designer behind your newspaper ad, you can still have a hand in its success. Work with the creative designer to create a compelling headline, state the benefits of the product or service, create opportunities for interaction, design imagery that supports your message, and use a strong call-to-action. Choose an ad size that best produces the best results, obviously full page ads are less likely to go unnoticed. Similar to selecting the right newspaper markets, you will want to buy an ad space in the sections of the newspaper most likely to be read by your target market. Aligning your ads with corresponding content will be an added bonus.

If you have never considered newspapers as a vehicle for advertising your products or services, what’s holding you back? Nearly 70% of adults read the newspaper in print or online during an average week. That’s a pretty sizable group and I’m almost certain it contains a segment of your target market. Whatever your reason is for not utilizing the newspapers to get in front of consumers, you may need to reconsider.