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Guide to Radio Media for Advertising

We listen to an inordinate amount of radio, even though we may not realize it. We wake up to it, drive to it, work to it, play to it, bathe and shower to it, and even go to sleep to it. Accordingly, radio has become an increasingly powerful marketing medium. If you’re considering this route, you are definitely not the only one. More and more companies are turning to radio advertising to reach these burgeoning captive audiences. Radio advertising influences us all whether we realize it or not. We have all bought products or services, consciously or subconsciously as a result of hearing an advertisement on the radio.

Radio advertising can be produced to fit any company’s marketing budget or reach any target audience you choose. More and more stations are targeting their broadcasting to highly specific audiences, be it young, male or female, sport fans, seniors, and aficionados of classical, pop, jazz or nostalgia music and so on. Radio can be used to reach any possible demographic audience. A small business may choose to work directly with the radio station to keep costs down or, budget permitting, work through an established advertising agency. Retail stores and restaurants can use radio ads very effectively as well. You can reach a potential customer when they are on their way to go shopping or thinking about where to eat that night.

Radio media advertising is a relatively inexpensive way of reaching people. It has often been called the “Theater of the mind” because voices or sounds can be used to create moods or images that if created by visual effects would be impossible to afford. You can also negotiate rates for your commercials, or even better. Stations are often looking for prizes they can give away to listeners, so it’s possible to get full commercial credit for the product or service you offer. The ability to easily change and update scripts are paramount to radio broadcasting, since news stories can and often do happen live. Radio is a personal advertising medium. Station personalities have a good rapport with their listeners. If a radio personality announces your commercial, it’s almost an implied endorsement. Radio is also a way to support your printed advertising. You can say in your commercial, “See our ad in the Sunday Times,” which makes your message twice as effective.

It isn’t all about the creative. It is also about putting your message in front of the right audience. All of your hard work may go unnoticed and your campaign may be a total flop if your message doesn’t’reach the right audience. With radio being so fragmented, it’s important to know the audience affinity of any channel you plan to place your message and its potential reach. Radio media is a very good way to advertise your products and services as most of the audience listen to radio through other mediums like phones, in their cars, and so, which makes it even easier to have your advertisement known to the target market.